We invite you on a journey into your body and soul and into a deep connection with the magnificent nature of the Island.

We will explore elements of Contact Improvisation, Body-Mind Centering, Somatic Movement & Stress Release, Bodywork, Sharings, Qigong, Healing and Community time on a beautiful high plateau close to El Paso/Isla de La Palma with sauna, pool & a cosy round dance floor – with daily Workshops, Jams, Body Explorations on the beach, in the forest and studio.
Be moved by the waves of the ocean, the touch of the wind, the softness of the sand, the power of the rocks, trees and mountains! All levels welcome!

On a beautiful Plateau with Ocean & Mountain View – a magic Dance Space – Sauna & Pool!Outdoor & Indoor Workshops, Jams, Live Music, Somatic Movement & Stress Release,Bodywork, Qigong, Sharings, Sauna & Pool, Community & Free Flow Beachtime

La Palma is a Biosphere Reservee and also the island of the stars, with one of the best views into the sky worldwide, due to little light pollution.


Chetan Erbe : CI Contacting Nature / Sensitive Warriors – CI with elements of Martial Arts

 Daniel Werner : Contact Improvisation Training – Tools & Toys for all levels – Systematic, Somatic and Playfull

 Eva Blechschmidt : CI  Balance „The food is like your brain“ / CI Earth and Breath „Two Friends“

Gaby Neumann : Qigong, Tai Chi and Fascia Movement – From Chi Flow into Contact  

Rohland Frenzel : Bodywork into CI „listening to the moment“ / Voice & Fascias / Beach-Ritual 

 Kabiro Eva Scheller : CI In- and Outdoors  „The Flow of Landscape“

Katrin Lerche : Voice & Fascias : „Sounds of the body-soul“

Klaus Vogelsänger: Percussion & Soundlandscaps  „Created Moment by Moment“

Singing Circle with Rohland



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